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Brocksford Motors Ltd is predominantly an accident repairer and has been in the business of fixing vehicles for over 50 years. A lot has changed in that time, as vehicles have become increasingly more complex to work on. Brocksford Motors Ltd has invested significantly to ensure that we keep up with all the latest technology.


All accidents differ in one way or another, and different cars behave differently during an accident. Most are designed to absorb the energy of an impact and dissipate this energy safely through the vehicle, without injuring the occupants. Getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition so it will behave in this manner again is Brocksford Motors Ltds main priority.


After the accident, our fully trained vehicle damage assessors will compile an estimate of work to be carried out and in some cases have the vehicle partially or fully stripped out, so the full extent of the damage can be assessed. They use data supplied by vehicle manufacturers (Thatcham and Audatex) to produce an estimate. The estimate and digital images of the damage are then transmitted via Audatex to your insurance company. Authorisation to repair usually follows, providing everything is OK with your claim.


If it has not already been done, your vehicle will then be fully stripped by our strip/fit technicians, and any new parts that are required will be ordered. All parts, new or old, are stored safely and securely away from the vehicle, not in the vehicle, so as not to damage/dirty any interior trims.


Should your vehicle require new panels or repairs to panels, then this is dealt with by our panel technicians. They have access to a wide range of equipment in order to repair any damage. If the damage is severe enough, then the technician will use a jig system to accurately repair the vehicle. Measurements are taken from your vehicle and compared against data supplied by the manufacturer in order to properly realign your vehicle. Should any welding be required, then you can rest assured that our state of the art welding machines will be utilised. Weld tests are carried out and saved by the technician, and the welding machine itself records every weld, along with its integrity, to make sure each weld is of a high standard. The vehicle is then prepared for the refinish process.


Our refinish technicians have access to three leading paint brands and they use these to accurately match the colour of your vehicle. All paint is formulated on site according to strict health and safety regulations. Brocksford Motors Ltd takes the environment very seriously and so works closely with the Environment Agency to minimise our effect upon the planet. All potentially harmful paint products are re-used/recycled wherever possible. PPG and Sikkens paint brands come with a variety of manufacturer approvals behind them, including Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Audi and others, so you can be sure we will get it right. Once the paint is applied to the vehicle, it is baked in one of our four spray/bake ovens to ensure the paint cures properly.


The vehicle is now ready to be refitted. During the refit process, various tools/equipment can be used, which include a fully automated air conditioning machine, headlamp beam aligner, radiator pressure tester, four wheel alignment system, etc. Once this is complete, your vehicle will be washed and vacuumed. Our quality controller will then go through the final quality control check before releasing the vehicle back to you.


    • Insurance/private vechicle repairs
    • SMART repairs
    • Courtesy cars/vans
    • Air conditioning service
    • Interim service (oil and filter change)
    • Four wheel steering alignment

  • Supply and fit or fit only body kits
  • Full valets
  • Wheel repairs
  • Interior trim repairs
  • Van conversions
  • Headlamp alignment
  • Brake service
  • Plus, open and honest advice

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